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Strattitude is a consulting, recruitment and training company. Strattitude was founded in 2010, with the idea of ​​allowing all organizations to access Experts in “strategic solutions” by combining efficiency, high standards and excellence.

People are the real added value of organizations!

Strattitude aims to support its Clients in complete independence and transparency with a “goal of results”. Strattitude is positioned as a “facilitator” since all sectors of activity have been confronted for several years to economic, financial, human, digital and organizational contexts that are evolving and/or changing.

Strattitude supports “Decision Makers” in analyzing their situation from a 360° perspective, raising awareness of existing good practices, bringing out internal ideas and putting them in place with their teams to transform their organization in the long term.

Strattitude has specialized, since its creation, in participatory approaches by crossing perspectives between Management, Staff Representative Bodies, Supervisors and Employees. Everyone has their say while being proactive in reconciling economic and social models.

By the fact that each Client is important,
Strattitude is committed to being …


Strattitude undertakes to call you back within 24 hours as soon as we have heard of your message


Strattitude is committed to offering you tailor-made support based on the reality of your organization


Strattitude carries out a post-monitoring of each service, estimating that a mission does not stop at the payment of fees

Action Plan
Management support tools

Our BEST-OF Client Reviews

The General Management and the Administrators thank you for the quality of your work, your availability while knowing that your behavioral approach has allowed us to have another look at the candidates

Social ActionExecutive Director

Your training was very operational and you answered all my questions. The other professionals from hotels, cafes, and restaurants should have come!


The support that was provided allowed us to highlight an incompatibility of business management and see an exit that was made with respect for everyone. Made it possible to restore a dialogue and provide a solution to the problem. Thanks again.


You enlightened me on the organization to set up, taking into account the strategy and the objectives of the company. I will be able to make the decisions.


You were very clear, the office appreciated your presentation, your methodology knowing that you are not only attracted to the financier.

Social and Solidarity EconomyPresident

Thank you and I confirm you that it was a very interesting training for me. Documentation rather synthetic but effective if we follow the comments well. Good idea to set up an action plan that concretizes the training. I hope it will help me out in the future (but I think so) and I will try to stick to the action plan in order to see the benefits.

EnvironmentNetwork Manager

We thank you for these documents and again for the work provided and your availability. We will not hesitate to contact you if necessary. Know that we enjoyed working with you and maybe next time on new projects.


Thank you for these 3 very interesting and constructive days of training, thank you for your welcome and your professionalism. Three days during which you were able to capture my attention and answer my questions, my expectations, both in terms of definitions, tools, questions concerning the possible implementation of a skills approach within my community , ...

PublicRecruitment, Mobility, Jobs & Human Resources Skills Officer

We are well on schedule with regard to the tools provided, which I will review and complete.

Certified AccountingCertified Public Accountant

Stéphane, we still use your tools since you came to help us.

Language SchoolPartner

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