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Because each organization is unique, we favor making our Clients actors of their support both in our Consulting and Training services.

Our areas of Excellence serving the success of our Clients


When you go on vacation, you know where you are going, how, by what means and with a particular budget ... don't you? In the professional world, it's the same! We support you in defining your strategic and operational objectives to bring your teams to the set destination.


Many associative, private and/or public structures have a clear “profession” organization. It is obvious! But do you think it has to stay the same indefinitely? Of course not… We help you in the reflection and implementation of organizational changes in one or multiple steps.

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Management is an art that needs to be mastered in all organizations. Contrary to popular belief, there are no miracle recipes ... Don't you agree? According to the managerial model chosen by our Client, we help all managers, from the Senior Executive to the Team Leader, in their taking up, their development and their skills improvement.

HR Innovation

Did you know that personnel costs represent between 15% and 80% of the operating costs of organizations! Why not invest time and money to turn your HR into a profit center? Specialist in behavioral approach, we help you in empowering your teams and matching profile/employee/skills.

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Through our culture of continuous improvement, Strattitude is also a learning organization in contact of its Clients and Partners. Indeed, each mission carried out allows us to encounter a new environment, a different configuration, etc. The results allow us to question our beliefs, our skills and ultimately our expertise and recommendations on the support for our Clients.


We actively listen to stakeholders.

We transfer our methods, techniques and working tools to our Clients.

We attach importance to the professional posture of our Experts.

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